Can I downgrade my account at the middle of the contract? No, accounts can only be downgraded during the first thirty days of the upgrade, or at the end of... Can I stream media from my account? We offer progressive streaming, meaning that you can upload the file to our servers, and then... Do you allow bulk emails? We do not allow unsolicited bulk emails and have a zero tolerence for spam. If you are sending... Do you offer ColdFusion on your servers? We currently do not offer ColdFusion on our servers. Do you offer Secure CGI? Yes, we provide CGI on our servers. You can enable the CGI wrapper functionality through the... Do you provide shell access/SSH or Telnet? Due to our shared environment, we do not allow SSH or Telnet on our published packages. Do you support ASP.Net or ASP? Our servers do not support ASP.Net or ASP? Do you support Microsoft Access? No. We do not have Windows servers. We use MySQL databases. How long will it take to activate my account? Most accounts are approved within 24 hours of subscribing. Once an account is approved the... I have too much space for my one account. Can I resell space to someone else? No. We do not allow subleasing or free web space given to... What scripting (and programming) languages do your servers offer? All our servers are equipped with Perl, Python, and PHP. Will your e-mail service work with MS Outlook, Eudora, or other client based e-mail programs? Yes. You offer unlimited bandwidth...How is that possible? It's true, no one can provide truly unlimited web hosting, but when we say unlimited domains,...
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